Breathing Easy with Alicat Flow Devices

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented challenges for modern medicine. Procuring and manufacturing the medical supplies needed for hospital staff to support the critically ill while protecting themselves from the disease has become a priority for governments everywhere.

To meet growing demand, companies that manufacture ventilators are working hard to increase output. Due to their repeatability and accuracy, Alicat mass flow controllers and pressure controllers are being used in ventilator test stands to calibrate and test these new ventilators.

COVID-19 is an infectious virus that attacks healthy lung tissue which can result in mild to severe respiratory complications. While the majority of people infected have only mild symptoms, approximately 14% require hospitalization and oxygen support. Mechanical ventilators are used to support those who are severely impacted by the virus. Ventilators feed humidified and pressurized air into the lungs to assist in oxygen uptake.

Alicat mass flow and pressure controllers are used as calibration standards in the manufacturing process. These controllers offer an industry leading controllable range, and feed a variety of set points to a ventilator to test accuracy and repeatability of these life support devices. This ensures ventilators are operating within the desired parameters.

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